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Have you ever noticed that life goes in cycles? Seasons, days of the week, phases of the moon? Even women’s bodies undergo a cycle every month. Cycles are the Universe’s way of teaching us when to sow when to reap, and what to do in between.

What is a Personal Year Number?

Everything around us is governed by cycles, including the years of our lives. Numerology is the perfect way to identify where you are in your Personal Year Cycle. 

In numerology, there is a concept called the Personal Year Number. Each Personal Year Number has a place in the Personal Year Cycle. Every number represents a different theme related to the vibrations and energies of that number. There are nine numbers in the Personal Year Cycle. 

What is a Personal Year Cycle?

A Personal Year Cycle is a cycle that everyone experiences from birth until they transition to the realm of the Ancestors. Numerology makes it easier for us to get our bearings in life so we can align ourselves to our destinies and higher callings. 

How to calculate your Personal Year Number

To determine where you are in your Personal Year Cycle, you will need to tally up your Personal Year Number. 

To do this, you would add the digits of your date of birth and the current year until you are down to a single-digit number. 

This will be your Personal Year Number.

  1. Add the digits of your birthday:

October 3rd, 2021



2.Add the digits together again to get a one-digit number



Your Personal Year Number would be 9; this means you’re in Year 9 of your Personal Year Cycle. 

Personal Year Number Meanings

Personal Year Number 1

The number one represents self-love, starting anew, blazing a new trail, or being reborn and reinvented. 

This year you’ll be determined to create something for yourself and carve out your own niche. Move forward courageously, knowing that there are no failures, only learning experiences. Be conscious of the fact that you create your reality with your thoughts, words, and actions. Be sure to listen to sound advice but always trust your instincts.

  • Initiation
  • Innovation
  • Independence
  • Inner Strength/Work

Personal Year Number 2

  • Duality
  • Support
  • Balance
  • Grace

The number two represents harmony, peace, and patience. 

Coming off the heels of a year devoted to individuality and self-discovery, you may find yourself now learning how to work with or rely on others. 

Two is about partnership and cooperation, so your primary focus will be on nurturing and building relationships. Give selflessly, but always remember to be your authentic self.

Personal Year Number 3

  • Uniqueness
  • Exploration
  • Talent
  • Imagination

Three represents creativity, fun, freedom, and exploration.

During personal year Three, you will find it easier to speak your truth and stand on your convictions. You may feel an urge to explore different sides of yourself and tap into creative energy you didn’t know you had or may have abandoned. You are a complex being made up of mind, body, and spirit, be open to seeing where that understanding takes you. 

Personal Year Four

  • Discipline
  • Dependability
  • Practicality 
  • Mastery

After a year of freedom and exploration, year four shifts into more intense energy. This year your focus is on stability and laying a solid foundation for the future you. You’re sharpening your skills, applying what you learned, and working methodically to bring your dreams to pass.

Personal Year Five

  • Change
  • Adaptability
  • Growth
  • Progress

Like energy, we are meant to flow and change forms; therefore, year five is all about flexibility, faith, and expansion. Flexibility to adapt to whatever uncertainty or change comes your way. And faith that the Universe is bringing you to a place of expansion and abundance. Keep in mind that growth is never easy because if it were, it wouldn’t be growth. But fear not because everything is falling into place for you!

Personal Year Six

  • Vision
  • Humanitarianism
  • Family
  • Balance

Year six is about vision and creating a warm and nurturing home life for you and your family. In doing so, you create the perfect haven for visualizing your future goals. Six is also representative of balance, so make sure you’re not focusing too much on what will be that you miss out on the beauty of what is. 

Personal Year 7

  • Esoteric Knowledge
  • Enlightenment
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Education

Lucky number seven is a very eye-opening and exciting year. It’s all about spiritual awakening, knowledge of self, and going within. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to be alone more. This is perfectly normal; you need alone time to contemplate all of the things being shown to you now. Be open and flexible, don’t be afraid to unlearn outdated information that doesn’t serve you anymore. Eagerly embrace the new information that is available to you now. Remember to he who has much; much more will be given, so 

be ready!

Personal Year 8

  • Good Fortune
  • Abundance
  • Personal Power
  • Freedom

The number eight is an auspicious number; it represents prosperity and an infinite flow of creative energy, ideas, and wealth. This is the year to discover or tap into your personal power and greatness. Boss up and get in control of your finances and destiny. Put your ideas to work, create multiples streams of income, or take your business to the next level. Doing these things will require discipline, but you can do it the Universe supports you!

Personal Year 9

  • Completion
  • Wisdom
  • Acceptance
  • Foresight

Year 9 is the end of the personal year cycle. This is a year of reflection, completion, and reaping the harvest of whatever was sown. It’s a year of closing chapters and releasing old energy in preparation for new beginnings. Nine is a very high vibrational and spiritual number; therefore, be prepared to reach new heights of spiritual knowledge and understanding that you have never achieved before. 

“If you’re brave enough to say good-bye life will reward you with a new beginning.”

-The Alchemist

Congratulations, you now know your personal life number and where you fall in your personal life cycle. Things will become clearer now, and you’ll be able to move in lockstep with your destiny. Great things await you.

If you found this article helpful leave us a comment below and share your Personal Year Number!


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  1. This article was insightful and revealing because it showed me why certain years happened and put me in a energy and frequency which had me trying to attain this and that. This article was very helpful and I recommend anyone reading be open and dive into yourself from this day forward so you can be on the path to your destiny becomes I see this as a road map for what I need to be in alignment with in this 9 year cycle. I also really like how the writer set it all up showing the correlation with nature the women and the universe all are in cycles which is eye opening and true to know. The quote about the alchemist was powerful and something ima take to heart as well.

  2. I tend to fixate on the importance of the lifepath number most of all and with tha ive had a tendency to overlook the importance of other universal influences in numerology such as the personal year number. This article was particularly refreshing to read, serving as reminder to myself to stay informed of the status of my personal year for the best results and the least confusion in my daily activities.

    • Yes, understanding our personal year number and cycle on a macro-level can better help us understand how to move in alignment with our life path number on a micro-level. As above so below. Thanks for leaving a comment Beloved. Please feel free to share this article with other like-minded souls.

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