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Mercury Retrograde in Gemini 2021 Guide by Zodiac

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Yes, it’s true. Mercury is already in retrograde for its second backspin of the year. The last retrograde was just a few months ago, in the air sign of Aquarius beginning January 30 and ending February 21. This time around, retrograde will be in another air sign, Gemini, from May 29 to June 22.

Air signs are known for their keen intellectual abilities and exceptional communication skills. Mercury is the messenger planet and rules over communication; therefore, this retrograde could be doubly intense in Gemini. Not only because Gemini is a dualistic sign (the Twins) but because the planet Mercury also rules Gemini. 

Folks with prominent Gemini placements in their charts may feel the effects before everyone else does and could be more sensitive to its forces. The same goes for Virgo’s because they are also ruled by the planet Mercury. 

What to expect this Mercury Retrograde

Gemini is a very cerebral energy that is all about exploration and communication, so don’t be surprised if you have the urge to converse and catch up with friends, neighbors, or family members during this retrograde. Or if they want to catch up with you. 

Just remember that you may run into communication obstacles and mishaps due to retrograde. Do your best to express yourself as clearly as possible and be prepared to make corrections yourself and clarifications.

Gemini is also perhaps the most scatter-brained sign in the zodiac. During retrograde, you may feel easily distracted or pulled in several different directions. Take time to ground yourself by meditating, journaling, or doing other activities that keep you calm and balanced. 

Do your best to keep your ideas and tasks organized so that you can focus and be productive. Make a schedule and check it twice because, as we know, Mercury in Retrograde is notorious for causing technology failures. 

Putting the Re into Retrograde

We’ve lived through enough retrogrades to know what to expect—exes in the inbox, technology failures, delayed travel plans, and frustrating misunderstandings and miscommunications. 

But there is a bright side to Mercury being in retrograde. While Mercury appears to be spinning backward, we should take the opportunity to follow suit and look back as well. 

  • Are there any old habits or limiting beliefs you need to release? Reflect on it. 
  • Revisit hobbies and activities that bring you peace find out why you stopped doing them, and decide to love yourself enough to enjoy them again.
  • Review tasks you’ve been avoiding. Mainly related to your vehicles, since you need them to travel. 
  • Revise old business plans you put on the back burner. Ask yourself why things didn’t work out the last time and what will be different this time. Sometimes time gives us a new perspective.
  • And regroup, maybe you’ve suffered some setbacks this year or last year, but it’s a new day with new opportunities. Don’t give up!


How will Mercury in Retrograde Affect your Sun Sign


 Retrograde will wreak havoc on you if you aren’t careful, Aries. When it’s time to have meaningful conversations, consider your comments carefully and think before you speak. Be courteous, patient, and polite, and everything will go well—double and triple-check all-important text messages and emails, leaving no room for retrograde misunderstandings.


Things could get a little confusing concerning financial matters during this retrograde, Taurus, so pay close attention to your finances and make sure you’re not overspending. The urge to treat yourself to some impulse buys will be powerful for the next few weeks so but it’s wise to avoid making any big purchases right now. BUT If it’s totally necessary to make a major purchase, make sure you read the fine print, keep your receipt, and familiarize yourself with the return policy!


The retrograde is happening in the sign of Gemini this time. Gemini’s are exceptional communicators, but for the next three weeks, you’ll want to take extra care with your presentation and be even more careful when communicating so as not to send mixed signals. Also, be prepared to tie up loose ends from the past and clear up some mental space. You need your mind to be clear to plan your bright future! 


Cancers are very spiritually and intuitively gifted, But this retrograde could make it challenging to tap into your gift. If you find it challenging to get a clear message from your Higher Self during the next few weeks, then rely on someone you trust to help you see your way through any tough spots you encounter.


Retrograde will affect you, Leo, when interacting with others in the work and personal setting. At work, there could be delays and miscommunications that can cause confusion and anxious feelings. Be True to your Leo nature and take control of the situation. Get organized, focused, and iron out as many kinks as possible. On the personal side of things, you may want to go through your contacts and purge anyone who is gossiping and keeping up drama. Peace and keeping a clear head are essential not only during retrograde but to life.


This retrograde may impact you at work the most, Virgo. Now is the best time to finish up on any projects or presentations you’ve been putting off. Be true to your Virgo nature and double-check all your work for errors and typos before final submission. And be prepared for technological hiccups to cause delays in your workflow processes. These mishaps can be a huge source of anxiety and frustration for you, so remember to be patient, breathe, and remind yourself that you got this because you do!


Lucky Libra, this retrograde may be less intense than retrogrades of the past. Just be sure to take the usual precautions, like not making any significant purchases or signing any contracts. Expect travel delays, technology mishaps, and communication mix-ups. Plan things to a T and stick to a schedule before and during travel. This doesn’t only apply to long-distance trips but also day-to-day travel. Also, if you have any unresolved feelings about how something worked out in the past, now would be a good time to reflect on them and resolve them.


Lately, you may have let attention to your finances lapse, Scorpio; now is as good a time as ever to get back on top of things in the financial area because no likes unexpected bills and surprises, but least of all, a Scorpio!

Retrograde may bring an air of confusion to even the most straightforward of business and financial transactions, so if at all possible, steer clear of those dealings until after retrograde is over.


Sagittarius, This retrograde will impact the way you communicate with your partner. It has a way of bringing issues underlying issues to the surface. Make sure to listen without interrupting. Understanding your significant other is key to resolving any resentment, jealousy, or doubts. When it’s your turn to express your feelings, be careful with your words but speak your truth. It’s just as important for your SO to understand how you feel as well.  


Capricorn, be prepared for this retrograde to have an impact on your schedule. Double-check your plans making sure you entered names and times correctly. For important meetings, Check the traffic before you leave your house and leave as early much as possible. If it’s a zoom meeting, ensure the technology is functioning as it should before the appointment to avoid delays and snafus. When things get hectic with work, balance it out by doing something unrelated to work to recharge your batteries.


This Mercury Retrograde may be a relatively quiet one for you, Aquarius. Be on the lookout for the usual mishaps in technology and communication, but this retrograde could be a prime time for you to do some reflecting. Bring to life some old ideas you never quite forgot about, revisit activities you loved, and reconnect with good people in your life. 

Regarding love, if you are single, now may not be the best time to get serious with anyone. Keep things casual at least until after retrograde ends.


Pisces, this retrograde could end up wreaking havoc in your home life, so make sure you have people around you who can help you and, as much as possible, take care of yourself! Things in the home could be breaking down; there may be miscommunications concerning your rent or mortgage, which could cause friction between you and your family or roommates. Be as patient as possible and careful with your words to avoid any further bad feelings. If possible, avoid any major purchases and don’t make any changes in your living situation until after retrograde if that’s not possible, then read the fine print and keep receipts!


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  1. I love how you broke down each zodiac sign. An how you said it will effect those related or with zodiac signs of virgo and gemini in there chart faster n earlier because they are ruled by mercury and I love how u organized it and how u had positive messages even doe this is a wacky period of tech n miscommunication problens

  2. I love how you broke down each zodiac sign. An how you said it will effect those related or with zodiac signs of virgo and gemini in there chart faster n earlier because they are ruled by mercury and I love how u organized it and how u had positive messages even doe this is a wacky period of tech n miscommunication problens. This is great for everyone to know because we are effected by this but it doesn’t have to be all negative. This is a time of re tapoing into things that may have been lost n finding yourself again and becoming the best version of yourself.

  3. This is hitting the nail on the head of how I’ve been feeling. Having to redirect my negative thoughts. Someone told me the other day to release and write it down and burn it up. I plan on doing just that because the betrayal I’ve recently experienced is definitely hindering me. Thanks for the update ???


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