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Everything You Need to Know About Balancing Your Divine Feminine and Masculine Energy and The Law of Duality

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Feminine and masculine energy is the law of duality manifesting itself in two distinct but NOT separate ways. Think of it this way, there are two wings on the bird, but there is only one bird. Therefore, things that appear to be opposites are just manifestations of the same energy. And so it is with feminine and masculine energy. 

Society teaches us that these are two separate energies. And that femininity is solely attributed to women and masculinity exclusive to men. But this simply isn’t true. Feminine and masculine energy is universal, we’re all a unique mix of both, and we express this in various ways. 

Black people need to understand and innerstand this spiritual principle and apply it to themselves. Because we have been robbed of true knowledge of self 

Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies in Nature

Not only are we composed of this divine energy, but feminine and masculine energy are also present all around us and in everything. This is evidence that we are composed of the same material as the Universe.

Take, for example, our sun and moon; the sun represents masculine energy because it’s bold, direct, and dominant. When the sun comes up, the day begins, and people get active. 

On the other hand, the moon has a feminine energy; it’s quiet, peaceful, and passive. At night people end their day. They come inside, relax, and sleep. 

Even though the sun and moon have different roles, they are composed of the same Source. And They work together in harmony bringing earth and its inhabitants balance. 

What is Masculine Energy?

Masculine energy expresses itself as facts and figures, critical thinking and analysis, discipline, decisiveness, confidence, individuality, and leadership. 

It’s bold and secure in itself, and it’s about taking the initiative. Masculine energy is active, with outward expressions of strength, protectiveness, courage, and valor. 

Masculinity is the defender of femininity—There cannot be one without the other.

Tapping into Your Divine Masculine 

Because masculinity is left-brain dominated, you’ll want to do things that employ logic, analysis, and critical thinking. Masculine energy is also about doing, so getting active is essential.

  • Make a schedule for important tasks and follow it
  • Exercise routinely
  • Do things that strengthen your critical thinking skills 
  • Follow teachers that exude divine masculine energy
  • When solving problems, weigh the pros and cons
  • Repair something in your house or put together a piece of exercise equipment


What is Divine Feminine Energy?

Feminine energy is a subtle internal energy that expresses itself as introspection and intuition, patience and passivity, creativity, compassion, and a soft, yielding spirit. 

It’s is about being open, caring, and receptive.

Femininity is supportive of masculinity. There cannot be one without the other.

Tapping into feminine energy

Because feminity is right-brain dominant energy, you’ll want to do activities that allow you to get in touch with your feelings and creative side; feminine energy is about being so quieting your inner noise is essential.

  • Spend time in Nature
  • Do something artistic, create a masterpiece
  • Journal 
  • Meditate to tap into your intuition
  • Take a spiritual bath

Balance is the Key to Divinity

Without cooperation and compassion for his people, a leader becomes a tyrant. Likewise, in the absence of discipline and structure, the artist becomes stagnant and overwhelmed. And in both cases, the world suffers. The divinity of each energy lies within balance. 

When masculine energy is balanced with feminine energy, the tyrannical dictator now becomes a leader who serves his people in kindness and love. Likewise, when feminine energy is balanced with masculine energy, the artist can now organize her ideas, creating masterpieces that spark the minds of the world.

Traits of unbalanced Masculine Energy:

  • Forceful
  • rigid
  • anxious
  • overly aggressive
  • controlling
  • domineering
  • narrow-minded

Traits of unbalanced Feminine Energy

  • needy
  • co-dependent
  • manipulative
  • insecure
  • overly emotional
  • martyrdom
  • lazy

Divine Masculine and Feminine in Harmony

If an individual has balanced their divine feminine and masculine energy, they can manifest anything they desire. But two can be more powerful than one. 

When an in-tune black man and woman come together in a sacred union, it’s the equivalent of putting the key in the ignition and activating the Godforce. With the divine feminine and masculine working together in harmony, they can doubly manifest peace, love, abundance, and black power.  

Nothing will be out of their reach when the masculine protects the feminine, and the feminine supports the masculine.

As the Fathers and Mothers of Civilization, the pinnacle of a divine connection is when two souls create a new life. They then pass on their legacy of peace, love, abundance, and black power. 

When black men and women first love and honor themselves and then one another, the whole world wins!




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  1. This is what the black world needs to learn and practice! This was absolutely amazing! If this was our main agenda! We can rise! Please get this out there!

  2. This was an Amazing read! This is something that needed to be brought to the table and you did that in a pleasant understanding read, wonderful!

  3. Very good read! Let’s push this in the hoods of Amerikkka asap!

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