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Numbers are to Numerology what your Zodiac sign is to Astrology. And much like with astrology we can use numerology to understand ourselves better.  

For example, in astrology, each planet and celestial body has a unique meaning and energy. Well, It’s exactly the same way with numbers.

Each number vibrates on a particular frequency and carries a specific message; this applies to your Life Path Number and Personal Year Number as well as Angel numbers aka repeating numbers or synchronicities.

This article will explain what each number means and show you how to calculate and decipher your unique Life Path number.

Finding your Life Path Number

As I previously mentioned, your Life path number is much like your zodiac signs except with numbers. Numbers can explain your personality, passions, and pursuits and can help guide you through life. 

So, how do you calculate your Life Path number?

It’s simple; just add together all of the numbers in your birth date and then reduce them to a one-digit number. So if your birthday is March 14, 1993, or 03/14/1993, you will add it like this:

Birth month: 03 (0+3=3)

Birthday: 14 (1+4=5)

Birth Year: 1993 (1+9+9+3=22)

Sum: 2010

Then you’d add each digit in of the sum together to reduce it like this:


Then reduce it further but adding the digits in the sum together again:


You’re a life path number 3.

Note: The only exception is if the sum is 11 or 22. These numbers are considered master numbers and shouldn’t be reduced any further. They stand as they are.

Using Numerology in your Daily Life

You can use this calculation technique to add up and decipher any numbers you come across in your daily life. Addresses, phone numbers, vacation dates, you name it.

Also, understanding the frequency each number vibrates on can help you know what frequency you’re vibrating on when you see repeating numbers.

The Number Meanings

Life Path/Destiny Number One: This number resonates with the pioneer and the leader. One is about stepping outside of your comfort zone and creating your own reality. It will serve the Life Path One individual well to be in business for themself because they are self-sufficient and innovative. Ones always finish what they start! 

Energy frequencies of the Number One: 

  • individuality
  • new beginnings 
  • ambition
  • creativity willpower 
  • progressive 
  • organization
  • naturally expressive

Note: An unbalanced One can become selfish and insensitive.

Life Path/Destiny Number Two: The number two resonates with co-creation, community, and being a team player. Two’s are at their best when they are in a cooperative partnership, whether at home or at work. Kind-hearted and diplomatic, Two’s are the much-needed peacemakers of the world.

Energy frequencies of the Number Two: 

  • love
  • friendship
  • duality
  • art
  • grace
  • understanding 
  • spirituality

Note: An unbalanced Two can become too submissive, overly sensitive.

Life Path/Destiny Number Three: The number three resonates with creativity. Life path Three’s, simply put, are creators. They bring happiness to the world through their art, music, and storytelling. They are dreamers who enjoy nature and see beauty all around them.

Energy frequencies of the Number Three: 

  • inspiration
  • sexuality
  • talent
  • creativity
  • leadership
  • imagination
  • optimism

Note: An unbalanced Three can be prone to jealousy and overly critical.

Life Path//Destiny Number Four: The number four resonates with practicality and organization. 

If the saying “everything has its own place” were a person, it would be a Four! Life path four’s are people that others can rely on because they are honest, dependable, and responsible. They are known for being logical and always putting home first; this makes Four’s the best providers.

Energy frequencies of the Number Four: 

  • service
  • devotion
  • mastery
  • hard work
  • discipline
  • steadfast
  • dignity

Note: An unbalanced Four can become stuffy and obstinate.

Life Path Five//Destiny Number : The number five resonates with freedom and adventure. Life path five’s are free-spirited people who are not afraid of change. They love meeting new people, going to new places, and learning new things. Excitement is the spice of life for Five!

Energy frequencies of the Number Five: 

  • change
  • variety 
  • curiosity
  • vision
  • courage
  • versatility
  • travel

Note: An unbalanced Five can be prone to overindulgence and flakiness.

Life Path /Destiny Number Six: The number six resonates with balance and harmony. Life path six’s are naturally artistic and social people who love spending time with family and friends. Six’s are thoughtful and gracious humanitarians who love sharing whatever they have and always give the best gifts! 

Energy frequencies of the Number Six: 

  • caring
  • teachers
  • protectors
  • empathetic
  • justice
  • healers
  • generous

Note: An unbalanced Six can be very prideful and stubborn.

Life Path/Destiny Number Seven: The number seven resonates with wisdom and understanding. Seven’s are knowledge seekers, and they always trust their gut. They have an inclination towards esoteric studies and the metaphysical. They are so intuitive and unique that the average person may consider them unusual. Deep thinkers and in touch with their spirituality, Sevens are the psychics, mediums, and fortune-tellers of the world.

Energy frequencies of the Number Seven:

  • enlightenment
  • spirituality
  • motivation
  • secrets
  • religion
  • meditation
  • genius

Note: An unbalanced Seven can be prone to laziness and indifference.

Life Path/Destiny Number Eight: The number eight resonates with power and abundance. Life path eight people are successful in whatever they set out to do because they give it their all and do nothing halfway. Equipped with above-par written and verbal communication skills, Eights makes perfect motivational speakers and industry leaders.

Energy frequencies of the Number Eight:

  • prosperity
  • expansion
  • authority
  • ambition
  • patience
  • perseverance
  • self-confidence

Note: An unbalanced Eight can be prone to overspending and snobbery.

Life Path/Destiny Number Nine: The number nine resonates with vision and completion. Life path nine people are in tune with themselves and the world around them. Sensitive, caring, and highly intuitive, Nine’s see and hear what others don’t, which makes them great givers of advice. This is perfect for them because they love sharing what they know to help others. 

Energy frequencies of the Number Nine:

  • lightworkers
  • universal love
  • leading by example
  • intuition
  • visionaries
  • educators
  • enlightenment

Note: An unbalanced Nine can be prone to moodiness and shyness.

Life Path/Destiny Number 11: The number 11 is a master number and resonates with illumination. If the proverb, “To whom much is given, much is required,” was a person, it would be an Eleven. These people are deep and philosophical, and others watch everything they do and follow them. Therefore they always have to be careful of their words and actions. Elevens are very magnetic and can illuminate our minds in endless ways.

Energy frequencies of the Number Eleven:

  • insight
  • inspiration
  • talent
  • inner wisdom
  • lightworkers
  • enlightenment
  • Humanitarianism

Note: An unbalanced 11 can become conceited and cynical.

Life Path/Destiny Number Twenty-Two: The number 22 is a master number and resonates with self-mastery. Life path twenty-two people are the masters of any profession they pursue. It’s not wise for a Twenty-two to play it small because their life path is all about expansion and development. Twenty-twos should do things on a larger scale and use their expertise to benefit the masses. They don’t build small businesses; they create mega industries! 

Energy frequencies of the Number Twenty-Two:

  • vision
  • achievement
  • fame
  • leadership
  • expansion
  • industry standards
  • service to humanity

Note: An unbalanced Twenty-Two can be prone to high-mindedness and callousness.


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  1. This article was great. Learning about how numerology is just as similar as the astrology insight is amazing. To learn about my life path number being 11 and also having the proverb of much is given much is expected and people follow my insight let me know exactly what it is I must do. Your wrote everyhring to a tee. Your a great writer and it was catchy and informative. Anyone who reads this will feel like they are learning from a guru and that this is powerful information to learn about when your trying to achieve your destiny and life purpose.

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