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Break the Status Quo. Find your Personal Year Number and take control of your Destiny.

Have you ever noticed that life goes in cycles? Seasons, days of the week, phases of the moon? Even women’s bodies undergo a cycle every month. Cycles are the Universe’s way of teaching us when to sow when to reap, and what to do in between. What is a Personal Year Number? Everything around us is governed by cycles, including the years of our lives. Numerology is the perfect way […]

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Discover Your Life Path Number and Master Your Reality

Numbers are to Numerology what your Zodiac sign is to Astrology. And much like with astrology we can use numerology to understand ourselves better.   For example, in astrology, each planet and celestial body has a unique meaning and energy. Well, It’s exactly the same way with numbers. Each number vibrates on a particular frequency and carries a specific message; this applies to your Life Path Number and Personal Year Number […]

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